New 2D and 3D works
Moss Architects
5122 Penn Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA
Opening June 7, 6-9pm

Curated by Brett Yasko
An exhibition of 1,921 new,
never-seen-before photographs
by 87 Pittsburgh artists.
SPACE Gallery
Pittsburgh, PA
Opening Friday, July 12, 5:30-10pm
Runs through August 4, 2019



The Other Border Wall Project
A collaboration with Tereneh Idia
and Jenn Meridian since 2017 to creatively resist the Border Wall.
Exhibition and more coming in 2020.


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About the studio

Whether working on art commissions, window treatments, or my own sculptural ideas, I draw on a language I have been developing with textiles and paper for many years. I aim to respond with clarity and sensitivity to the spaces, materials, and people involved in each project.

In my personal studio practice, I cut, dye, scrub, press, stitch, and splice material (mostly fabric) to make sculptures and painting-like objects. I move back and forth between rule-following and improv, grids and deviations, color experiments and found hues. Constructing these works influences my thoughts on intangibles such as empathy, intimacy, loss, re-generation, and the history behind materials.


Florence, Italy; 2017.