wall pieces and sculptures

assorted wall pieces + sculptures

suspended curved fabric sculpture
floating door
artwork in dyed linen
small sculpture

small oval sculpture

Walking series

Made in 2018, this set of panels was in the mood of the other textile panels I made at the time, but picked up extra elements in the way that little burrs and flecks stick to you along a wild hike. The palette mixes vintage table linens, raw Italian linen, cotton, and silk, all bearing subtle creases and plant-derived color.

particular wall pieces

Made between 2015-2020, the pieces here draw on many sources, which include garments on bodies, books, and structures. For some, I dyed the fabric, but in others I used found material or other media. They are part of a storyline which led through many color experiments and inspired a few commissioned works. If you are interested in one of these, drop me a line.